Long History and Stable Quanly

transformer EI lamination

Same with many famous companies, Jiangyin Centersky started business in 1974 with school factory, after continually expanding and improving. Now it has been one of biggest manufacturer for transform EI lamination in China. The biggest advantage of Jiangyin Centersky is single phase EI lamination, UI lamination, three phase EI lamination, and cutting lamination. Capacity is […]

EI lamination and plastic bobbin

We are committed to facilitating customers’ one-stop shopping and adding plastic bobbins service to the main products matched EI lamination. The bobbins are made by high temperature resistant and non-deformable materials, such as PA66 and DuPont 70G33L, etc., combined with CENTERSKY high-quality silicon steel sheets, which can effectively guarantee the stability of the finished transformer.

Shell Type Transformer Core

We use ‘E’ and ‘I’ shape silicon steel lamination to make the core of the shell-type transformer. Which are created by using electrical steel laminations. Silicon Steel, also known as electrical steel, is steel with silicon added to it. Adding silicon to steel increases its electrical resistance, improves the ability of magnetic fields to penetrate […]

Assembly Of Transformer Lamination

For the iron core of the transformer, a 0.35 mm and 0.5mm thick cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is generally selected. According to the required iron core size, it is cut into rectangle lamination, and then overlapped into a “日” shape or “口” shape, or directly Choose standard EI lamination to overlap into “日” shape. From […]

E&I Transformer Lamination Data

Our dedicated unit in China produces 15 000 Tons of standard and customized E&I laminations for the low and medium voltage transformer industries and the balast and lightning industries. Larger lamination blanks are also available for larger power transformers. Material processed include 0.35 to 0.5 mm thick Fully Processed Silicon Steelsand Grain Oriented 0,27 to […]

Preferred EI Lamination By Customers

Silicon steel sheet is also known as electrical steel sheet. Adding a small amount of silicon to iron can increase the resistivity of the material and significantly improve the magnetic aging, increase the brittleness of the material, and reduce the magnetic induction intensity, so the limit of silicon is 4.5%. Silicon steel sheets are mainly […]


Cutting strip lamination cores are widely used in the manufacturing of inductors and huge size transformers. We cutting strip  ei lamination cores with grain oriented and not oriented material, from 0.35mm thickness to 0.50mm thickness. The width range (a) from 20mm to 300mm and length (b) from 20mm to 3000mm, to meet 99% industry requirements […]


3UI lamination cores are used in the manufacturing of three-phase transformers. In transformers with 3 UI lamination cores, each of the three ei lamination core arms bears a coil body. In contrast to the EI sheets, the 3UI sheets cannot be welded since the joints of the E and I sheets are within the coil […]

Why does the transformer use silicon steel sheet as the iron core?

Commonly used transformer cores are generally made of silicon steel sheets. Silicon steel is a kind of silicon (silicon is also called silicon) steel, and its silicon content is 0.8 to 4.8%. The core of the transformer made of silicon steel is because silicon steel itself is a magnetic substance with strong magnetic permeability. In […]

Annealed Silicon Steel Lamination

Jiangyin Centersky Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd manufactures many types of annealed silicon steel lamination. Grade materials: CRNGO and CRGO electrical steel. After annealing, silicon steel lamination has better quality, core loss is lower. Magnetic permeability is improved. Popular annealed materials: 50WW350, 50WW290, 35WW350, 35WW300 and others.