Centersky is a global professional electromagnetic silicon steel manufacturing leader, specialized in the production of a variety of standard and non-standard series EI lamination, three-phase core, core ballasts, TL core series and a variety of reactor core products.

Electromagnetic Silicon Steel

EI Core Lamination

Scope:Power Transformer,Ballast Resistor,UPS,Charger,Control Transformer

EI Core High Speed Punch Lamination

Scope:Power Transformer; Ballast Resistor, UPS, Phone Charger

UI Core Lamination

Scope: Double Coil Coating Power Transformer

EI Core Three-Phase Lamination

Scope:Engineering Transformer and High-power Transformer in AC voltage mode

EI Core EI with GAP Lamination

Scope:Lighting Product,Energy saving lamp,Transform and Rectifier of metal halide lamp

Reactor Core Lamination

Scope:Iron Core of Electric Reactor