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Through 20 years’ manufacturing experience, Centersky has already been one of the biggest manufacturers of EI lamination in China.Developing and researching are always Centersky’s purpose. Main business: single phase EI lamination, UI lamination, three phase EI lamination and cutting lamination.

What kind of loss will you have if the poor quality on silicon steel sheets?

We all know that silicon steel sheets are mainly used as cores for silicon steel sheets in motors and transformers. However, many friends know that silicon steel sheets are divided into different types and the quality varies greatly. So what happens if you accidentally choose poor quality silicon steel sheets What about the impact? 1: […]

Merry Christmas for Our Customers

transformer EI lamination

Merry Christmas will be coming. We, Jiangyin Centersky Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of transformer EI lamination, congratulate our customers on Merry Christmas, hopes they will enjoy this great festival with their families. All the difficulties have been passed, new beginning and new life will be coming in 2021. Best wishes.

Big Price Fluctuation of Silicon Steel Raw Material

silicon steel sheet

Recently due to continuous epidemic but high demand, CRNGO silicon steel price is keeping increasing even big fluctuation. At present there are very shortage of silicon steel material in Chinese market. Steel price was increased USD 150 from the beginning of November. Affected by this big fluctuation, the price of silicon steel EI lamination had […]

High Cost of Silicon Steel lamination

2020 year is very difficult year, affected by COVID-19, all the cost of silicon steel lamination had a big price fluctuation. Details as follows: 1.Silicon Steel Raw Material: In the beginning of 2020, Chinese epidemic was very serious which caused low demand in Chinese market, silicon steel raw material was down. But after May, due […]

Improving Technology and Increasing Many Types of Molds

Jiangyin Centersky established in 2000. With good support our customers, every year we increased 10-15 types of moulds for EI lamination and cutting lamination. This year our additional moulds for silicon steel EI lamination and cutting lamination as follows: Single phase: EI 30, EI 42, EI 84 with tungsten steel, EI 54 and etc. Thre […]

Specified Silicon Steel Material

Jiangyin Centersky, one of most famous manufacturers for transformer EI lamination, every year have very large demand for silicon steel material with CRNGO and CRGO. For promising high and stable quality, we cooperated with BAOWU Group and got 12000mt-15000mt of enough replenished raw material. The specification for our silicon steel material to manufacturing transformer EI […]

Long History and Stable Quanly

transformer EI lamination

Same with many famous companies, Jiangyin Centersky started business in 1974 with school factory, after continually expanding and improving. Now it has been one of biggest manufacturer for transform EI lamination in China. The biggest advantage of Jiangyin Centersky is single phase EI lamination, UI lamination, three phase EI lamination, and cutting lamination. Capacity is […]

EI lamination and plastic bobbin

We are committed to facilitating customers’ one-stop shopping and adding plastic bobbins service to the main products matched EI lamination. The bobbins are made by high temperature resistant and non-deformable materials, such as PA66 and DuPont 70G33L, etc., combined with CENTERSKY high-quality silicon steel sheets, which can effectively guarantee the stability of the finished transformer.

Shell Type Transformer Core

We use ‘E’ and ‘I’ shape silicon steel lamination to make the core of the shell-type transformer. Which are created by using electrical steel laminations. Silicon Steel, also known as electrical steel, is steel with silicon added to it. Adding silicon to steel increases its electrical resistance, improves the ability of magnetic fields to penetrate […]