Preferred EI Lamination By Customers

Silicon steel sheet is also known as electrical steel sheet. Adding a small amount of silicon to iron can increase the resistivity of the material and significantly improve the magnetic aging, increase the brittleness of the material, and reduce the magnetic induction intensity, so the limit of silicon is 4.5%. Silicon steel sheets are mainly used in power frequency AC electromagnetic devices, such as transformers, motors, transformer switches and relay cores. my country has traditionally divided silicon steel sheets into hot-rolled and cold-rolled silicon steel sheets. However, in the current world, most of them are divided into two categories: non-oriented and grain-oriented silicon steel sheets according to grain orientation.
Centersky take cold-rolled silicon steel sheets as raw materials only. according to the different needs of customers, we provide different grades of non-oriented and oriented materials, which have reached the best iron loss and magnetic induction.

ei lamination

annealing transformer lamination

Annealing Transformer Lamination

Quality is the basis for an enterprise to survive. Through continuous improving annealing technology, Jiangyin Centersky makes quality of transformer lamination better. Requested by many

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