Transformer EI Lamination

Transformer EI laminations for many types of tansformer and reactors.
Jiangyin Centersky produces 15 000 Tons of standard and customized E&I laminations for many types of voltage transformer industries and the balast and reactors.
Single phase EI lamination are for autotransformer, voltage transformer and etc.
Larger three phase EI lamination are for reactors.
Material processed include 0.35 to 0.5 mm thick Fully Processed Silicon Steelsand Grain Oriented 0,17 to 0,35mm thick Silicon steel grades.
Standard laminations permanently available through stocks in China, fast deliver to Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, etc.

ei lamination

annealing transformer lamination

Annealing Transformer Lamination

Quality is the basis for an enterprise to survive. Through continuous improving annealing technology, Jiangyin Centersky makes quality of transformer lamination better. Requested by many

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