Supporting clients in the special period

With the rapid expansion of “COVID-2019” epidemics worldwide, many of our customers have encountered certain difficulties in various aspects, such as EI lamination procurement and electrical transformer manufacturing.

In order to better support our customers, we are optimizing as following.

  • Increase the production capacity of regular lamination and standard EI core, maintain a certain inventory in order to improve corresponding delivery time.
  • Adjusting and optimizing the tooling process to make them suitable for each requirements of different holes and apertures, especially single phase EI core and triple phase EI core, to speed up the order processing time.
  • We will continue to conduct other feasibility studies and keep posted if there are other measures.EI lamination
annealing transformer lamination

Annealing Transformer Lamination

Quality is the basis for an enterprise to survive. Through continuous improving annealing technology, Jiangyin Centersky makes quality of transformer lamination better. Requested by many

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