Manufacturing Pioneer of Silicon Steel EI Lamination

Jiangyin CENTERSKY, manufacturing pioneer of silicon steel EI lamination, production capacity 1500mt per month, attending international exhibitions every year.
In April 2015, we attended CANTON FAIR in Guangzhou.
In June 2016 , we attended EXPO Electrica International in Mexico.
In February 2017, we attended MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY.
In June 2018, we attended CWIEME BERLIN.
Affected by COVID-19, all the exhibitions in 2020 were delayed. We are looking forward for better situation so as to expand our business.
Jiangyin Centersky, manufacturer of transformer EI lamination, will continuously improving. Our products single phase EI lamination and three phase EI lamination will be more and more popular.

silicon steel sheet

annealing transformer lamination

Annealing Transformer Lamination

Quality is the basis for an enterprise to survive. Through continuous improving annealing technology, Jiangyin Centersky makes quality of transformer lamination better. Requested by many

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