CENTERSKY’s Appointed Silicon Steel Raw Material

Every year Jiangyin Centersky has a big demand for silicon steel raw material. For guaranteeing the good quality of transformer EI Lamination, we cooperated with WISCO and BAOSTEEL, WISCO and BAOSTEEL combined into one group in 2016 , they are the largest steel group in China, also very famous in the world.

Our company has below raw materials in stock for manufacturing silicon steel EI lamination:
0.5mm thickness: 50WW800, 50WW600, 50WW470, 50WW350. 50AW290, 50AW270 and etc.
0.35mm thickness: 35WW440, 35WW400, 35WW300 and 35WW270 etc.

0.3mm thickness: 30P130, 30P120 and etc.
0.35mm thickness: 35Q155 and etc.
0.27mm thickness, 0.23mm thickness.

Based on adequate quantity of raw material and high efficient production, we can manufacture many types of silicon steel EI lamination in different grade material, which can satisfy with the demand of the customers fully.

silicon steel sheet


annealing transformer lamination

Annealing Transformer Lamination

Quality is the basis for an enterprise to survive. Through continuous improving annealing technology, Jiangyin Centersky makes quality of transformer lamination better. Requested by many

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