Analysis on the Function of Silicon Steel Sheet

Silicon steel sheet has a good magnetic properties, it can greatly improve the self-inductance coefficient of the ballast, which in the lights, the starting point of the opening and closing of the moment to produce a high self-inductance electromotive force, so that the lamp High-pressure excitation conduction and normal light.
Silicon steel sheet is widely used. Respectively, the use of oriented silicon steel sheet, the military and electronics industry is an important soft magnetic materials, mainly for high-frequency transformers; in addition to the use of hot-rolled silicon steel, hot-rolled electrical steel is mainly used for some micro Motor.

Silicon Steel SheetEI Core EI with GAP LaminationUI Core Lamination
Ei lamination uses silicon steel sheet, formerly known as silicon steel sheet, this material permeability is good, poor conductivity. The motor is produced by the coil winding force, the use of this magnetic operation. However, because the alternating magnetic field in the core of the current, if the core conductivity, it is equivalent to a closed short circuit and heat, known as the eddy current. This is the same principle with the induction cooker through the electromagnetic field to make the bottom of the pot fever. Therefore, in order to cut off this vortex, the use of poor electrical conductivity of silicon steel material, to take a piece of silicon steel sheet without the overall solid core is the truth.
Round silicon steel core manufacturing, the production process of the whole computer control, the whole closed-loop monitoring of the entire feed, buckle material, the top material, winding, cutting, welding each program, in the rolling process to complete, efficient. At present, the company mainly for the country’s largest core manufacturers to create automatic core winding machine, based in Hong Kong, look at the domestic, for domestic enterprises to provide ring core, rectangular iron core processing of automatic winding machine.
Silicon steel sheet made of stator iron core, the main magnetic properties are good, and the steel into the silicon, increasing the resistance of the material, to inhibit the vortex is good, which reduces the eddy current loss, in addition, silicon steel sheet can reduce the magnetic So the AC motor is made of silicon steel sheet.

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